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Veleria Dedalo has specialized in the design and production of sails (wing coating canvas) for ultralights aircraft.

Tino Venturi produces and develops ultralights from 1978, the year in which builds its first hang glider. In 1983 he founded with some friends the company 'Poalris', in which organizes the technical section. In 1988 he starts production in its of sails for ultralight, collaborating with various companies of the sector (Polaris, Grif, Euroala, Ing. Groppo etc.).

Today Veleria Daedalo, with over 25 years of experience in ultralight sails, is able to solve any problem of wing tissue, from the smallest repair to the complete revision, and provide qualified advice in this regard. We are also able to reproduce wing tissue for any means of ultralight aircraft. We will provide an offer viewing the aircraft, or just the photos that you can send to us.

We use only high quality material Dimension-Polyant; we have a wide choice of laminates and tissue and a lot of colors.

The wing tissue of ultralight, such as those of the boats, are manufactured from synthetic materials with excellent mechanical properties. Unfortunately it is degraded due to exposure to the sun (UV rays), which gradually worsens the characteristics of resistance to efforts.

This degradation is difficult to assess in advance, as it depends not only on the duration of exposure to the sun, but especially by the quality of UV rays.

Our long experience in the field allows us to evaluate the status of each sail tissue, regardless of their age. We can see your wing to assess the general state and to realize a personalized quote for the intervention of rebuilding or repairing.

Please call us on +39-0541-969672 or 333-2216899 (veleria.dedalo@libero.it)